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Welcome to my site.

I'm an author and therapist, and I've spent much of my career speaking with women about their loves and lives. Recently, I've provided what I hope is a sanctuary for my clients facing innumerable losses, as well as those feeling a distress that can only be called a post-pandemic malaise.

I'm also a certified pet-loss grief specialist. Twenty-three million Americans added either a dog or a cat to their households during the pandemic. During this fraught, stay­-at-home time, many pet-owners developed a deeper bond with their companion animals than ever before. The pain they experience when their pets become ill and die can truly overwhelm them. Pet-grief counseling differs from regular grief therapy in several ways-one is that friends and family often don't acknowledge or understand this depth of emotion reserved for our beloved animals, and so cannot offer needed support.


To read more about my pet-grief work; and about my books, columns, essays and articles; please take a moment to explore this site. And please feel free to get in touch. My information is on the contact page.


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