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I'm including work that has appeared in national print magazines, online magazines, newspapers and as guest biogs.
The articles, essays and biogs aren't necessarily recent; and my magazine columns and articles, which go back a long time
(remember Mademoiselle? McCall's? Self? New Woman?), aren't included at all.

I do have a photo of the novel I co-wrote with my husband Richard Marek, a love story published in 2020, just before
lockdown began-- and just before he died of cancer. We loved HOW TO FALL IN LOVE: A novel, ridiculously (as only its
two authors could), and were thrilled that it was published in hardcover in February, 2020.

Click here for a sampling of published works by Dalma.


"Based on interviews…and some smart thinking on
the part of the author…Heyn's book is a deeply
provocative breath of fresh air."

-- Cosmpolitan


"Ms. Heyn has a keen nose for social change."

-- New York Times


"Heyn's candor and clarity are exhilerating…
She is deliciously brave, writing clearly and gracefully. For such uncommon sense, we
should be uncommonly grateful."

-- Houston Chronicle

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